JMC3423: Summary of Learning

After completing the assignments for the duration of this course, I can pick up on how to properly write for public relations. Reducing redundancy and wordiness are two skills that I can also pick up on now along with what mediums should be utilized for PR. Overall, using specific skills and techniques to write for PR is something that I was not aware of before. In my early days in the course, I was a little discouraged while completing the assignments because I wasn’t confident in my writing skills. I did feel like the early days were repetitive of the writing skills I learned in Writing for the Mass Media. I feel like I “turned the corner” when we did the fact sheet and backgrounder assignments because that is when my writing abilities were really tested since I had never written either of the two previously. In doing these two assignments, I learned how much work is involved when going back providing information about a company. My experience with PR Writing until this point was tiring because it seemed like I was repeating most of the assignments I had to do in Writing for the Mass Media, causing me to do my work as needed without much interest. I think that this assignment was the first one that really challenged me, which is why it was the point where I “turned the corner.” A project where I take a lot of pride in the outcome is the feature story because I wrote about a subject that I grew to become passionate about. In the beginning, I did not know much about my subject, but as I completed my interviews and began writing, I began writing with more interest because I wanted to represent the organization well. This assignment reminded me of why I enjoy writing from time to time. A project where I could have put in more effort are the media advisories because I think they were similar to my new release assignments. The issue was that I got caught up in the information and was not aware of how to write the two differently so that they would appeal to the intended audience.

Overall, I think that this class helped me grow as a public relations writer because I got the chance to practice my writing skills that I already knew while using new techniques that I learned. Knowing what forms of writing would be used for public relations also helped me grow as a writer because some of them, I had never heard of at all, much less being used in PR. Getting to produce more samples of professional work was also helpful because personally, I had a vision for who would be seeing my work after this course was over. As a writer for public relations, this class helped me grow because I learned the basic of what someone should know before entering the field, providing me with a competitive edge in the future.

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